The fat of the land

It’s not that I mind the UK government spending millions of tax payers money to campaign against obesity, so much as I mind them using an ad campaign which shows our ancestors killing a dinosaur.


Considering the drive for legitimacy by Young-Earth Creationists/Intelligent Design adherants and such, I can’t help but think they should’ve watched some Bill Hicks before commissioning the ad.


I do mind that the drive is partly sponsored by Kellogs and Unilever, whose products have pushed sugary and/or fatty foods onto the British public for generations. And that the whole campaign is another attempt to foist the responsibility for dealing with a complex social and medical problem onto the public, akin to those ads which tell us to save the environment by turning off lightbulbs while the government supports major industrial polluters such as EON.

It also saddens me that the ad was made by Wallis and Grommet maestros Aardman Animation, who should know better.

One thought on “The fat of the land”

  1. Oh dear… they are either spectacularly ignorant about palaeontology, or are actually creationists.

    I objecto to the campaign against obesity on the grounds that they should spend the money on targetting the companies who put sugar in absolutely everything, and on building some cycle lanes so people can cycle safely.

    Anyway, anorexia is more dangerous to the health than obesity is. I reckon they’re just prejudiced against fat people. See “The Forbidden Body: Why being fat is not a sin” by Shelley Bovey. Oh yeah, and guess who invented dieting? Fundamentalist Christians.

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