My Fortean Times feature on Slenderman

So, this happened… I wrote the cover feature for this month’s Fortean Times.

Ever since I first read FT as a kid (when it was still a fanzine rather than a professional monthly), I had a dream that I’d be in its pages some day – maybe in an article about weird shit, possibly in a review or even a memorial in the Strange Deaths column!

To not only be commissioned to write for them, but to get the cover first time out, is literally a dream come true – and the highlight of my writing career so far.

Huge thanks to FT editor David Sutton for asking me to write for them, Jenny Coleman for her interesting alternate view of Slendy alongside my piece and Etienne Gilfillan for the beautiful cover art.

Issue 317 of Fortean Times is out now.

Death of a journalist

I had not heard of Lasantha Wickrematunge until today. He’s dead now.

He was a journalist in Sri Lanka, for the The Sunday Leader newspaper. He was clearly not a man afraid to speak his mind, even when doing so led to threats and bullets. What he said is universal – for everywhere there are corrupt political and violent forces, there need to be people like him.

His last filed piece before being gunned down, his self-penned obituarary, appears here. Please take a monent to read it.

(Found on Boing Boing.)