aaaand we’re back!

Happy 2009 and all that.

Having spent the last few weeks as a Petri dish for pretty much every viral infection in South West England, I am (somewhat) recovered.

Other news:

The second Guttershaman reprint over at Rending The Veil went live this week, which is very pleasing.

My Beloved The Artist has her first London show this month – more news on that once officially released.

My Beloved The Ex-Neuroscientist Shaman is back in Peru training – her adventures continue at her LJ blog.

As for me… well, the next couple of Guttershaman are forming, as well as a possible long post or new series about the nature of truth, trust and belief – with which I hope to annoy both hard core religious and rationalist types in equal measure.

Oh, and a prediction for the year – Obama is gonna disappoint you. Badly. But he’s still better than the alternative was.

Much more soon!

One thought on “aaaand we’re back!”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. Congrats to K on London show, that’s awesome.

    I expect to be disappointed by Obama (in much the same way as I was by Blair and Clinton), but I’m still hugely relieved that Palin hasn’t got her fingers anywhere near the Big Red Button.

    Truth, trust, belief: slippery customers. Here’s an article I wrote a few years ago on truthand belief (doesn’t necessarily reflect my current opinion, but it probably does).

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