A small moment of ego

My loves and I are fond of the occasional game of Scrabble. We recently acquired the version called Super Scrabble and played it for the first time tonight.

The thing about Super Scrabble is the board is bigger and there are more letters – and more bonus squares (including the wonderful Quadruple word and letter squares).

This allowed me to do something rather splendid.

I put down a seven letter word (‘candles’) on two Triple Word Score squares – giving nine times the word total. Between that and the nearby word with a Z in it (which then became another triple-word-score word) I managed a nice total.

One hundred and eighty three points in a single move.

Finished the game with 465 points.

I swear, the second I realised I could make that move was as pure a high as I’ve ever known. Scrabblegasm.