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This is a list of links to websites and resources as mentioned in my Slenderman articles, published in Darklore volumes 6 and 7.

Even if you haven’t read the articles, it hopefully provides a good introduction as to where to find some of the various facets of the Slenderman mythos.


“THE SLENDERMAN – Tracing the birth and evolution of a modern monster”


A pdf of the article can be found for free here:

The initial Slenderman post by Victor Surge appeared on on 10 July 2009, here:
and runs for an additional 46 pages from that point.

Surge’s Deviantart site is here:
and an interview with him by the Know Your Meme team is here:

Good sites for a general background intro to the Slenderman phenomena can be found at:
(Warning: TV Tropes is one of the most notorious chronovores – eaters of time – online. You can lose days here…)

…and a master list of all known Slenderman sites – live and defunct – is maintained here:

There are many YouTube series in the Slenderman mythos. I list some of the more significant ones below;

Marble Hornets
Video sites
Interviews with MH creators Troy Wagner & Joseph DeLage
Troy Wagner’s blog is here:

Video site

Tribe Twelve
Video site

There are many, many more such series. For those with time, stamina and the necessary intestinal fortitude, a chronological playlist of all the major Slenderman series can be found here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Extensive, insanely detailed discussions of the Alternate Reality Game aspects of the Slenderverse occur primarily at – the main areas are:
Slenderman Mythos general threads;
Marble Hornets threads;

Fan-made documentaries about Slenderman have also appeared – inevitable, becoming bound into the mythos itself…
‘Slender Suits’;
the follow-up;
‘The Slender Man Documentary’

A sharp look at the Slenderman mythos in terms of classic horror movies from critic James Van Fleet:


The Tulpa Project – friendly forum for enthusiasts in the theory, a few attempting to create tulpas – or,at least, study any that may have arisen. Not much about Slendy there yet…

The full text of Alexandra David-Neel’s description of her tulpa experiment is here:

The Philip Experiment is described in detail here:


“KILLING SLENDERMAN – Editing A Modern Myth Before It Bites”


The article can be read in full for free here:


Extracts from the COAST TO COAST AM broadcast can be found here:

Trailer for Hylo:

Trailer for Entity:

Slender – the game:


It must be noted that the Core Theory corpus is both huge and complex. Dozens of blogs, interweaving. Feel free to dip in…

The Slender Nation wiki article on Core Theory:

Slenderbloggins piece What Is Core Theory?

The Tutorial:

White Elephants – NB the original blog was deleted in-game, archived here:

Interview with White Elephants creator Grady J. Gratt:

Interview with ‘Zero’ of A Hint of Serendipity:

The other main Core Theory blogs:
Anomalous Data – JAY from 3sep10 to 7oct10, ends with writer Jay ‘reindoctrinated’

Testing 1,2,3 – SHAUN

A Hint of Serendipity – ZERO

A Really Bad Joke – MADUIN

A Road to the Heavens – AMELIA

Seeking Truth – ZEKE

Enter Light – NESSA – blog deleted (as were her memories…), came back with

What’s Happening? – B – Zero drank Substance X to save B’s love Melody from being Hallowed… at a great price.

There are TV Tropes page for most of these blogs and the associated mythos… here’s the one for White Elephants to get you started:

(usual TV Trope Gravitational Pull Warnings apply!)

Connected blogs:

A Rainbow Life – recommended to Zeke in comments:

DreamsInDarkness91 – DAMIEN (another Slenderkiller-in-training):

The World That Never Was – K-OS – claims to be part of anti-Slendy cult/team looking for attack weaknesses

Devil’s Hiding Place – JERSEYDAGMAR

Observe and Terminate – NIGHTCRAWLER:

Walking the Hallowed Halls – – pro-Hallowed blog

A Wand and a Prayer –  (use of crystal wands in dreamspace as weapon)

Breaker – ‘Breaker’ claimed to have Hallowed a Slendy. Finally admitted “I was wifin” (see below) – but was also an attempt to edit the Hypersigil


‘Zero’ comments OOG about the Solstice Event,

(Worth reading the whole thread for critique of Core Theory)



For reasons of space, I had to severely abbreviate my thoughts on the magical careers and theories of both Moore and Morrison.

Fortunately, each man has an excellent biographical documentary about them, for which they fully co-operated… and both of which can be legally viewed on YouTube.



And, in all seriousness… if you’re thinking about or using magic, reading Promethea and The Invisibles is indispensable.


Sadly, the full Wizard Magazine interview with Moore re. meeting John Constantine isn’t online…

…but here’s a longer quote from it, followed by a brief quote on the subject from Sting!

An excellent article on the history of the snake-puppet god Glycon by Steve (no relation) Moore appeared in Fortean Times:

Moore interview on Idea-space and much else, by my buddy Bram Gieben, founder of Weaponizer:


Morrison’s Pop Magic! in full:

Morrison interview on Hypersigils and such:

A more recent Morrison interview, looks in depth at his praxis & his superhero history/biography Supergods:



Seriously guys, if you haven’t seen Altered States yet, go off and treat yourselves… Original trailer:


It should be pointed out that the Yin/Yang relationship between Slenderman and Splendorman! (and the power of Rule 34 – “there is porn of it: no exceptions”) is such that Slendy/Splendy slashporn can be found. A Google Image search can supply such, if you have to see it…

wifin: (n) “To focus one’s attention on a particular woman as opposed to being with male friends. If one is found wifin’ in a club, there is usually a twenty dollar fee.”
Definition from Urban Dictionary:

(Yes, people make a living policing this…)

The Roy Browz song Gimme Twenty Dollars:

The original redubbed Slenderman clip:

The Marble Hornets remix:


Trailer for the film Toys – strange, dated but rather wonderful:

And, finally… the Basement Meeting scene from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure:


Post Scriptum: Combat Magic Strategies versus Tulpas

Space precluded me from putting down all the combat magic options an experienced mage might use against Slenderman. They might be summed up as having 3 types:

ATTACK FROM WITHIN THE MYTHOS – this would be to use any of the tricks which are supposed to have worked in canon. Inadvisable, as they’ve already been used – and presumably failed. But maybe worth a punt if your back’s to the wall.

ATTACK AGAINST THE MYTHOS – the parody/satire approach described in the article.

ATTACK FROM ANOTHER MYTHOS – using another powerful myth system or archetype in direct opposition.

(Or, as I call it, the OOPS – BATMAN technique.

“What’s that behind you, Slendy?

Oops. Batman. And Batman plans for everything.”)

This is the approach I would likely use…although probably not with Batman:

I’d go for the Warren Ellis creation, Sgt-Major William Gravel, 22nd Battalion, Special Air Service (retired), who once said:

“Well, listen. I’m the highest form of life on earth. I’m a combat magician. There’s a long tradition of us… the Druids, for example. Merlin. The early shamen. The warrior goddess figures. Loads of us.
And we have a responsibility to life as well as to war.”

The main reason why I prefer the counter-mythos strategies may be found in Crowley’s classic tale of The Snake and the Mongoose.

”There were these two men, sharing a railway carriage. They didn’t know each other. They just happened to be travelling together. One of the men had, resting in his lap, a cardboard box with holes punched in the top. After some time spent contemplating what might be inside his travelling companion’s box, the other man at last could not contain his curiosity.

He said, “Excuse me, but I couldn’t help noticing your box. Does it contain some variety of animal?” The other man, though obviously surprised by this impertinent intrusion from a stranger, smiled politely as he answered, “You’re absolutely right. There is indeed a creature kept inside this box. And furthermore, I may reveal, the animal in question is a mongoose.”

The first man, who’d initiated the enquiry, was astonished by this revelation. Spluttering with surprise, he sought some further explanation of this certainly provocative disclosure made by his strange fellow-traveller. “A mongoose? Sir I must confess I had expected it to be perhaps a cat, or rabbit, not a creature so exotic and outlandish. The animal you mention so excites my curiosity that I must beg you, sir, to tell me more. Where are you bound with such a specimen, if I may be so bold?”

The other man, who sat with the perforated box on his lap, shrugged wearily as he replied, “Well, it’s something of a personal matter, as it concerns a family tragedy. However, since I’m confident I may rely on your discretion, I suppose I don’t mind sharing my unfortunate account with you.”

“You see,” the man went on, “this sorry tale concerns my elder brother. He’s always been what I suppose you might refer to as the black sheep of the family. He has for many years indulged himself in a predictable and commonplace array of vices, of which the worst is his fondness for strong spirits. His drinking has progressed until he is now in the final stages of delirium tremens. My brother now sees serpents everywhere, which is the reason I am taking him this mongoose, that he may be rid of them.”

“Excuse me,” the other man interjected, looking puzzled, “But, these snakes your brother sees… aren’t they imaginary snakes?”

“Indeed,” his fellow traveller replied. “But this,” and here he gestured meaningfully to the perforated box set on his lap, “is an imaginary mongoose.”‘












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