Because Warren asked nicely…

…a quick pimp of Ellis’s excellent webcomic Freakangels, drawn by Paul Duffield. Six free pages of flooded-London-telepathic-apocalypse goodness every Friday. This one is in for the long haul and it’s well worth a look. (Not quite as amazing as Doktor Sleepless, but it’s up there.)

Also take a look at the associated discussion board Whitechapel, which has a whole lot more going on than just discussing the comic… it’s become one of my favourite online hangouts.

One thought on “Because Warren asked nicely…”

  1. Going to be around at all this coming Friday? I’ve got the day free, and would love to hear from you. And my sincerest condolences on Constantine’s passing. It’s times like this when I truly rue exactly how hard it is to give a hug through a computer.

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