My first post here at WordPress…

There’s plenty of my other ranty goodnesses on my old Livejournal and Insanejournal sites, some of which I may adapt here.

Why the change?

Frankly, because LJ sucked badly after the successive takeovers by Six Apart and the Russian Mob firm SUP and IJ just doesn’t have as many readers and felt like a backward step. So it’s time to go wider. I hope.

Why be here blogging at all?

Here’s my old intro piece from LJ, which covers some of that.

“…so I ended up with a short but ever-increasing list of folk I was sending all the odd and scary news items I find in my net wanderings and realised I would not only save time by putting them on a blog but I could rant a bit while I was at it. And here I am.
The news that catches my eye normally is either Fortean (weird, bizarre, occult) in nature or related to the insane political structures of modern times – and in a world where the most outrageous conspiracy theories are far more believable than the official ‘facts’ our governments proffer, there is a good deal of crossover.
But, some might ask, what’s my stance on all this?
What do I believe In?
I believe that there is no single religious, political or philosophical system that explains everything and is always right – including my own.
I believe fanaticism is a major cause of harm in the world, regardless of what the fanatic believes.
I believe most if not all of those who seek and gain power are not to be trusted.

I *know* very little, other than that assholes come from all races, colours and creeds, and that in a crowded world it’s a good idea to find ways to accommodate our differences rather than war over them.

So that’s what you can expect here. A large dollop of cynicism, a touch of optimism and a lot of wonder at a world that never fails to surprise me. And a warning that some of those surprises can bite.”

I will also be looking closely at the sort of stuff that affects me as a professional combat magician in the twenty-first century. (Though I will not be discussing any of my past or present cases in any detail, due to client confidentiality.)

So… welcome. Hope you enjoy at least some of what you see here.

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